About us

Russian at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland's oldest Russian section, is pleased to share with St Andrews University the privilege of having Scotland's highest number of undergraduate Russian students.

We have three full-time staff, and three part-time tutors.


The University possesses a large library with good stocks in most aspects of Russian studies. The Russian section within the Division's own subject area libraries holds a comprehensive selection of text and reference works. All students have access to computer terminals which provide word-processing and computer-assisted language-learning facilities with the provision of Cyrillic fonts, as well as networking for electronic mail, bibliographical searches and internet access.


The Russian Section is situated in the David Hume Tower, overlooking George Square. We enjoy a view of almost the whole of the City of Edinburgh, a city without equal in its ability to delight students of every background and nationality.

Edinburgh's annual Festival makes it an international mecca of culture every August, and throughout the year this modern-day Athens of the North attracts top bands, clubs, operas, plays, and symphonies from around world.

Beyond the curriculum

Princess Dashkova Russian Centre

The Dashkova Centre is a unique research centre named after a leading figure of the Russian enlightenment. The Centre is equipped with a Russian library, electronic databases, Russian satellite television and other resources.

The Centre runs international research projects and hosts visiting research fellows. Its intellectual focus on research and knowledge exchange is complemented by showcasing cultural events for the University and the wider community.

The Russian Society

The Russian Society (run by students) engages in a wide variety of activities, ranging from informal lunches, evening parties to play readings, Russian films and talks by guest lecturers. In recent years visitors have included a number of writers, scholars and journalists prominent in the recent changes in Russia.

The Scotland-Russia Forum

Edinburgh is also home to the Scotland-Russia Forum, a voluntary organisation dedicated to facilitating a better understanding of Russian culture and history within Scotland. They organise a variety of lectures and exhibitions throughout the year.