Edinburgh Journal of Gadda Studies

Founded in 2000 to celebrate one of the literary greats of European Modernism, the online Edinburgh Journal of Gadda Studies (EJGS) has since grown into a formidable international network generating exciting new scholarship through an exciting new medium.

An interconnected electronic network

Central to the conception of the EJGS is the conviction that ideas and resources are intimately linked and that passive electronic transfers from traditional research formats - books, journals, databases - do not deliver the (re)generative interaction of materials advocated by computing humanities theorists.

Thus the EJGS originates, hosts and interconnects several formats of scientific debate, and its published output does not simply consist of a number of self-contained regular issues, special supplements, book-length monographs, encyclopedia entries, bibliographical and archival resources.

A complex, exceptionally diverse and even more exceptionally sized operation involving a great deal more than the straight internationalisation of one subject, the EJGS constantly redeploys its fast growing hypertext (presently 2,600,000 words in text size, over 6,000 pages in print if print was the format) via sitewide-hyperlinked lemmas (currently around 30,000 in number and all manually inserted). In this way, ideas become navigation props and conceptual tools, making the web an extremely rich and enriching cultural environment.

With over 5,500,000 hits since 2000 (over 400,000 ave. pa), the EJGS is clearly reaching out. This last figure is particularly important to the EJGS Team. Involving people, in and beyond Gadda Studies, has been at the heart of our mission since its very beginning.


All EJGS-related enquiries and comments should be addressed to:

Professor Federica G Pedriali

ISRC Director

  • The Italo-Scottish Research Cluster
  • School of Literatures Languages and Cultures
  • University of Edinburgh

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