About us

Our staff size and composition of our unit make it possible for us to offer a great diversity in both content courses and language teaching provision whilst retaining an informal, personal approach in both lectures and tutorial classes.

Degree combinations

With over 300 students studying at undergraduate and postgraduate level, Italian at Edinburgh is a popular choice, in many guises and degree combinations. These include Business studies, Classics, English and Scottish Literature, European History, European Union Studies, History, History of Art, Linguistics, Philosophy, Politics, Social Policy, as well as any of the Modern European Languages taught in the Edinburgh curriculum.

At Edinburgh Italian can studied at all levels, from beginners to advanced, both as a single and joint honours subject, or as an outside subject in the sub-honours years, for either full or half course credits. There are no subject specific qualification requirements to join us.

For further information on individual courses or programmes, please consult the Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study.

What you can expect

Individual student input and participation are encouraged right from the beginning of your studies. In the final year, content option seminars are seldom above 10 students in size and more often than not (a lot also depends on you) turn into exciting research workshops, ahead of postgraduate work.

Library, computing, video and language laboratory facilities are excellent, as you would expect from a large School of Literatures Languages and Cultures. There is a thriving Italian Society run by students, but relaunching the Italian Theatre Group, once a regular hit among the student productions, may have to wait for the budding playwright and director to re-emerge from your midst.

Italian Cultural Institute

An additional warm welcome is reserved for you at the Italian Cultural Institute, just a couple of minutes away from George Square, where we are based. The ICI’s many facilities, as well the additional opportunities for contact with us and beyond us (the Italian academic community active in Scotland is considerable in size and spreads well beyond Italian studies, but it does like to gather for those nice ICI cultural events), will contribute to make your Italian experience in Edinburgh a very special and a very Italian one.