French and Francophone Studies

Where might French take you?

Career opportunities for French graduates.

Studying a language to degree level, especially when you spend a year abroad as part of your studies, gives you a set of skills and life experiences highly prized by employers. The employment statistics for French graduates from the University of Edinburgh are impressive, and you will have a remarkable range of career options available to you.

Graduating with French, you’ll be near-fluent in a major language of international communication, the sixth most widely spoken in the world. You’ll be well-placed to seek opportunities in the 29 countries where France is the official language, and the many multinational companies and institutions for which it is a working language, including the European Commission.

Our graduates can be found in every kind of career, especially those that place a premium on thinking that is both disciplined and imaginative, from physical theatre to the top of the Civil Service. Naturally, many of our former students are working in professions where linguistic skills are of special value, including education, translating and interpreting, and international business.

There are also opportunities to continue studying, with the fourth undergraduate year in particular developing the research skills you’ll need if you choose this path. There are many graduate-level programmes available, particularly in the UK, US and of course France and the Francophone world.

Edinburgh University seemed the perfect place to do my degree as it had the good connections with international universities for Erasmus and its reputation is first class. I distinctly remember being told, whilst I was still in High School, that combining EU Studies with languages would open more doors later down the line. Little did the organiser know that this would be of particular relevance now! My languages have allowed me to work in Italy, France and Belgium, setting me up for my current role, as - had I not gained experience in my previous jobs - I would not have the position I currently hold.

Hazel Wilson, Policy Manager, International Futures - Scottish GovernmentHazel graduated with an MA Hons degree in French, Italian and EU Studies in 2010

After a few years working around the world and in Edinburgh in various roles, I interviewed for a short-term post within LEAPS in 2014 and have been there ever since. My studies at Edinburgh, and positive experience within LLC,  helped in offering me the volunteering opportunities and confirming my belief that education is something that should be available at every level to every person, regardless of background. What inspires me? Seeing the achievements of the students I work with at LEAPS and the progress they make when going into Higher Education.

Gemma Burnside, Development Officer for LEAPS (Lothians Equal Access Programme in Schools)Gemma graduated with an MA in French and Linguistics in 2011

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