French and Francophone Studies

Translation Studies in French

The MSc in Translation Studies offers postgraduates practical experience in translating texts from a variety of genres into and out of French.

Academic staff are able to supervise a wide range of MSc and PhD dissertation projects, and recent examples include research into the retranslations of Lovecraft, Perrault and Tocqueville, and the translation of AIDS narratives, as well translation and commentaries which have adopted a feminist approach.

French and Francophone Studies has a lively postgraduate community and research culture. We have a regular research seminar, with papers on translation, literature, music, film and French thought. Postgraduates may choose to become involved in the Edge of Words seminars, study days and conferences co-directed by Prof. Peter Dayan. Recent papers in the Edge of Words seminar series have included topics such as ‘Healing in Translation’, Sign Language Translation and the Translation of Holocaust Poetry. Postgraduates are also invited to participate in the cultural events and seminars organised by the Centre de recherches francophones belges and in the French Cinéclub.

More information is available on the Translation Studies webpage: