French and Francophone Studies

British Branch

The British Branch is one of the founder branches of the Society.

It holds its own regular colloquia and has previously hosted the fifth (1970, Oxford) and twelfth (1991, Edinburgh) international congresses.

The British Branch publishes its own annual newsletter and has its own publications series, British Rencesvals Publications. It has also published the proceedings of the 1970 and 1991 international congresses that it hosted, and the collaborative volume Guillaume d’Orange and the Chanson de geste.

British Rencesvals Publications

The British Branch also publishes a series of books entitled British Rencesvals Publications. These are editions and translations of texts and critical work related to Romance epic, designed for use by students and researchers. Editions of texts include a translation into English.

To date seven volumes have been published:








Further proposals for the publications series are welcomed.

All enquiries about British Rencesvals Publications and orders for volumes should be addressed to:

Dr Anne Cobby

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17 George Street

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Membership of the Branch is currently £20 per year. This gives full rights in the International Society: attendance at conferences and colloquia, attendance at all business meetings, full voting rights on all matters raised at such meetings.

Members in good standing also receive a personal copy of the Bulletin Bibliographique de la Société Rencesvals.

The Branch supports postgraduate students and others not yet in post by offering them financial assistance with the cost of attending British Branch conferences and/or international congresses.

Residents of the Republic of Ireland and of Commonwealth countries which do not have their own branch of the Société Internationale Rencesvals are invited to apply for membership through the British Branch.

British Branch Meeting

The British Branch holds regular colloquia to which members of the Branch, and occasionally members of other branches of the Society, are invited to contribute.

The next colloquium of the British Branch will take place in Colchester in spring 2014.

Officers and Committee Members

President Dr Marianne Ailes (University of Bristol)
Secretary-Treasurer Prof. Françoise Le Saux (University of Reading)
Bibliographer Dr Margaret Jubb (University of Aberdeen)
Immediate Past-President (ex officio) Prof. Peter Noble (University of Reading)
Committee Members Dr Sophie Marnette (University of Oxford)
  Ms Emma Goodwin (University of Oxford)


For further information about the Branch, the Society, Branch membership, and student subsidies please contact the Branch Secretary:

Dr Françoise Le Saux

  • Department of French Studies
  • University of Reading

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