French and Francophone Studies


Hear from some of our alumni what they have gone on to do since completing their postgraduate degrees at Edinburgh.

MSc by Research in French 2012

  • English instructor in Seoul, Korea

Currently, I'm in my third year as a native speaking English instructor in the Korean government's EPIK program, designed to improve the levels of English proficiency in public schools. I'm at a middle school in Seoul.

My postgraduate studies helped me get here in many ways. As well as all the obvious benefits of a language specialism for language teaching, it was during my Masters degree at Edinburgh that I was able to gain my first real experience of teaching language as a postgraduate tutor. The invaluable experience gained at such a prestigious institution, combined with the fact that postgraduate education is extremely highly regarded in Korea, meant I was in prime position to secure a place teaching on what is an incredibly competitive program. I also keep in touch with my students and learned, on my birthday no less, that a student gained a first in French and German with spoken distinction in both. I may not have taught them for long but it's things like that that keep me going.

If I had to choose just one thing that I enjoyed most about during my Masters degree at Edinburgh, it would probably be that the course gave me the scope and flexibility to pursue my passion by allowing me to greatly expand my knowledge of the topic of my choosing; and in such a way that I had not only the independence that is necessary to form a researcher but also the support and guidance necessary to best harness and develop my skills. So, the best of both worlds.