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Selected seminars, conferences, lectures, film screenings, exhibitions, and workshops in French and Francophone Studies (2015 -).

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The DELC Research Seminar Series (DRSS) encourages collaboration and co-production between staff and students across European Languages and Cultures and beyond.

Each series is designed on a transversal exploration of a common theme, for example Decolonising Minds and Methods (2021 to 2022). 

Selected DRSS events involving French and Francophone studies (FFS)

Please note that speaker titles and universities, as listed, date from the time of the event and may have changed. 

Date(s) Title French and Francophone Studies speakers or hosts
17 March 2022
  • Decolonising Minds and Methods: Mediating Voices
Dr Katie Pleming
3 February 2020
  • Icons in the Making | Tintin and The Obscure Cities (masterclass with Benoît Peeters)
  • The obscure cities "between utopia and dystopia" (mastertalk with Benoît Peeters)
Edouard Notte; Dr Claire Boyle

Conferences and symposia

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Date: 20 September 2019

Venue: 50 George Square, University of Edinburgh

In brief: A one-day workshop organised by the Association of University Professors and Heads of French (AUPHF), co-sponsored by the Society for French Studies and the French Embassy. Focusing on changing mindsets and rethinking the value of languages in a time of crisis, the event brought together stakeholders from Universities, Schools and Cultural Institutes to celebrate and share positive examples of French and Francophone teaching of language and culture. The event culminated with a roundtable discussion on advocacy, lobbying and policy making.

Lectures, talks, discussions and readings

Drawing of Annie Ernaux alongside text that reads Annie Ernaux, the Nobel Prize in Literature 2022

Date: 26 January 2023

Venue: Institut français d'Écosse

Guest speakers: Fabien Arribert-Narce (University Edinburgh); Tamzin Elliott (University of Edinburgh); Catherine Guiat (Institut Français Écosse); Elise Hugueny-Léger (University of St Andrews); Caroline Verdier (University of Strathclyde); Ed Welch (University of Aberdeen)

In brief: A round-table discussion in French and Q&A in both English and French to celebrate acclaimed French writer Annie Ernaux. Participants read book excerpts to the audience, then took part in a round-table discussion in French where panelists examined some of the key themes in Ernaux’s work.

Film screenings and festivals

Poster for the French documentary Ruptures

Date: 11 October 2022

Venue: Screening Room G.04, 50 George Square

Organisers: Édouard Notte (University of Edinburgh) and Institut Français d'Écosse

In brief: An exclusive screening of the French documentary Ruptures (2021), followed by a Q&A and discussion with Economics and Geography student Gabriel Bonammy (University of St Andrews) who has translated the documentary from French into English. The event was co-organised with Institut Français Écosse in Edinburgh, and the film was shown in French with English subtitles.

Exhibitions, workshops and performances

Marka as Boy in a production of Godot
Marka (centre) as Boy in 'En Attendant Godot’. Photo © Les Escogriffes.

The French Play

The French Play is an annual production by Les Escogriffes, the University of Edinburgh's French Theatre Society.

Established with the help and encouragement of lecturer Peter Allen in 1969, the Society is now entirely student led; you don't have to be studying French to be an 'Escogriffe' but many members are.

Read our interview with former Escogriffe, Marka Rifat (French MA Hons, 1978)

Browse an illustrated history of Les Escogriffes on issuu

Date(s) Title Venue
24 to 26 March 2022 Le Barbier de Séville Institut français d’Écosse
21 May 2021  L'Illustre Philosophe, ou l'histoire de Sainte Catherine d'Alexandrie Online
22 and 23 March 2019 Les Femmes Savantes Assembly Roxy (22);  Augustine United Church (23)
29 and 30 March 2018 Victor ou les enfants au pouvoir! Assembly Roxy

More exhibitions, workshops and performances

Banner for DELC festive showcase

Date: 15 January 2019

Venue: 50 George Square, University of Edinburgh

In brief: An event based on the French delicacy, Galette de Rois - a cake traditionally shared at Epiphany. Part of the DELC Festive Showcase, bringing staff and students together to celebrate languages and cultures from around Europe.