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The French Play 2018: Victor ou les enfants au pouvoir!

Les Escogriffes are proud to present their adaptation of Roger Vitrac's magnum opus: ‘Victor ou les Enfants au Pouvoir'.

Today is Victor's 9th birthday, and he wants to make his family's bourgeois existence explode. He toys with all the adults, revealing their not-so-well-kept secrets and corrupting his fellow youths. In three very distinct acts (tragicomic and surrealist to boot!) the young boy blasphemes and connives his way into a trap of his own making. Featuring Victor's unhappily married parents, a paranoid drunk, a sultry neighbour, four incredibly (in)competent doctors and a visiting flatulist, this play offers you an evening of rambunctious comedy.

Booking is yet to open, but ticket prices will be £4 for students and £5 for non-students.

The play will be performed in French, with a synopsis of each Act provided in English.

The comedy of the play translates well even just visually, so come one come all!


Victor Paumelle- Anaëlle Orfila

Charles Paumelle- Clément Carron

Émilie Paumelle- Ruby Kelman

Thérèse- Vali Constantin

Antoine- Alessandro Pecorari

Esther- Orlagh McMahon

Estelle- Anna Curran

Le Général- Matthieu Sabin

Ida Mortemart- Viki Matejova

Lili- Katie Jones

Maria- Garance Fraisse

L'Assistante- Juliette Martin

Les Docteurs- Biko Pougala, Lucile Cangemi, Ella McAllister, and Michel Mitri

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The French Play 2018: Victor ou les enfants au pouvoir!

The annual production by Les Escogriffes, Edinburgh's student French Theatre Society.

Assembly Roxy
2 Roxburgh Place