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About the DELC Seminar Series

As a Department of European Languages and Cultures, we thrive in disciplinary diversity and inclusivity.

The DELC Research Seminar Series brings together an array of exciting new workshops, laboratories, seminar presentations and round tables, produced by DELC staff and students. These events have been designed for dialogue and exploration.

Each event consists of two sessions: a workshop coproduced by staff and students and a seminar presented by a guest speaker. This is followed by a round table event led by respondents.

Events are free and open to all. 


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As part of the November 2020 workshop, our undergraduate students took the lead in the cocreation of a pop-up exhibition on the making and branding of contemporary Italy in the 1960s. With the December seminar presentation, on the back of a discussion on the marginal territoriality of Catalan, we discussed Galic Scotland, dialectal Sardinia, linguistically upcoming Wales, deRussifying post-Soviet Russia, and the amazing Bilingual Brain.

To send your comments, contact the Series Coordinator Federica G Pedriali directly.  

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