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Editorial committee - Issue Six

Babble's editorial committee for 2020/21.

The Babble editorial committee is made up of students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) and staff from subject areas within European Languages and Cultures.

This was the committee for the 2020-21 academic year. They worked on Babble Issue Six, the theme of which was 'music'.

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French and Francophone studies

Student members:

Tamzin Elliott (Year Two) - Chief Student Editor (joint)

Alex Paterson (Year Three) - Chief Student Editor (joint)

Staff member:

Audrey Debard  


Student members:

Sarah Chamboredon (Year Four) Chief Student Editor (joint)

Nadia Picon (Year Four) Chief Student Editor (joint)

Staff members:

Marco Palone

Carlo Pirozzi


Student member:

Isadora Jones (Year Two) - Chief Student Editor (joint)

Jasmine Reay (Year Three) - Chief Student Editor (joint)

Staff member:

Beata Kohlbek 


Staff member:

Sanna Sjogren 

Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American studies

Student members:

Georgia Bennett (Year Two; Spanish) - Chief Student Editor (joint)

Eitan Orenstein (Year Two; Spanish) - Chief Student Editor (joint)

Kristina Petkova (Year Four; Spanish)  Chief Student Editor (joint)

Staff member:

Elena Sanz Ortega 

Editorial statement

Babble is commited to fostering an antiracist environment as we proudly highlight the work of our talented European language students.

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