Department of European Languages and Cultures

Babble Issue One

Creative writing on the theme of ‘Self/Portrait'. Launch date: Thursday 29th March 2018.

We are delighted to introduce the first issue of our online Creative Writing magazine, Babble.

This issue is on the theme of ‘Self/Portrait’.  It features the work of 24 student contributors in a range of languages, from a film review of "I, Tonya" in Italian to an imagined Twitter conversation between Donald Trump and Martin Luther in German.

Huge thanks to all contributors and the students and staff on the Babble editorial committee.

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About Babble

Babble is a Creative Writing magazine for students in European Languages and Cultures at the University of Edinburgh.

We’re an online magazine, a creative space for you to practise your target language(s) and receive useful feedback and guidance on your work, whether that’s prose, drama, poetry or reviews.

We want to showcase what you’re good at, grow our sense of community, and promote multilingualism.

Babble is supported by alumni and friends of the University of Edinburgh through an Innovation Initiative Grant.

Would you like to contribute to the next issue of Babble?

The call for submissions for Issue Two - on the theme of 'courage and resistance' - will be early in the first semester of 2018/19.

In the meantime, all general enquiries can be sent to