Department of European Languages and Cultures

Submission of Year Abroad work

A page detailing what year abroad work is required and how to submit it


Transcripts should be submitted electronically to Edinburgh Global (if on ERASMUS exchange) or to (if on ERASMUS equivalent study) by January of your final year.  Marking will take place during fouth year and provisional results released on your record as soon as they are available.  The final ratified mark will be confirmed in June. 

For information on how your Erasmus grades are converted into Edinburgh grades, please see the attachment below.

Please note this document is subject to adjustment.  





Dissertation proposals must be completed and handed in on LEARN by 4pm on Thursday the 7th of October 2021.  



Only students on Single Hons language degrees are required to submit Year Abroad essays and this is dependent on your year abroad activity.  You may be required to submit zero, one or two essays (if in any doubt, check the information in the Year Abroad handbook for your degree programme).  The electronic submission boxes are on the LEARN page 'Modern European Languages Year Abroad Work (ELCC10007)' ‘Course Content' then 'Year Abroad Essays'.   Provisional results will be released on the Language Acquisition page and ratified results confirmed in Semester 2.  The year abroad essays are subject to the same marking criteria as Transcripts (see above).

2020-21 cohort - Other degrees have also been given exceptional leave to submit year abroad essays for mitigation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Should you have experiences any special circumstances during your year abroad which you want considered in the marking of these grades should be reported to the student support office as soon as possible on your return to Edinburgh.