Department of European Languages and Cultures

Returning to Study

How to matriculation and checking your course registrations for Year 4


We ask that all students meet their PT to confirm that they are back from their year abroad activity and ready to commence their 4th year of study.  

You will notice that all our returning Y4 students will have a conditional Progression decision for third year.  This is normal, please don't worry about this.  As long as you matriculate as above,  you are permitted to continue with your Y4 studies.  



We ask that all students check their course registrations.  All students should have 120 credits of courses in Year 3 and 120 credits in Year 4.  There may be a small number of records with course registrations outstanding.  If you are missing any course registrations which you have not already informed us of, or believe you have been incorrectly assigned to any courses, please contact your relevant administrator (contact details here: ).  Please note that if you take a degree with a partner subject, you may have to also confirm course enrolments directly with them and then we will update your record.