Department of European Languages and Cultures

How your degree is classified

An overview on how your year abroad and year 4 marks are used in your degree classification

* Semester 1 option courses will be ratified in an exam board during January of your 4th year

* Year abroad marks  will be ratified in an exam board during June but provisional marks should be available before then.

* Classification will take place at the Board of Examiners meetings early in June .

* Please take the time to have a look at your Degree Programme Table (DPT), available here:

The section under 'notes: final assessment' is particularly useful as it provides details of the 12 papers which are used to classify your degree, the mean mark achieved for these papers determines your classification.  Please note that in some OSNAL (Other Subject Not A Language) DPTs, the MEL dissertation is listed when in fact you may be completing the MEL long essay. 

You will notice there is an apparent discrepancy between the credit values of the Oral for and and LP1 and LP2 within the DPT.  This is as a result of the inclusion of your 3rd year credits for 'Language Acquisition'.   

Language Acquisition through residence/study ELCC10001 The 60 credits represent 40 credits for Oral (two languages) and 20 credits for LP1 (two languages)
Language Acquisition through residence/study B ELCC10004 The 40 credits represent 20 credits for Oral assessment, 10 credits for LP1, and 10 credits for LP2.

Students of Law or International Business (where they are the first named component) should use the following link and seek clarification from your home subject area if needed: