Department of European Languages and Cultures

DELC Resit policy

DELC resit policy for all non-honours courses


This policy applies to all non-Honours courses in DELC.

Where a student fails a course at the first diet and has to resit, there are three scenarios. If you fail a course, you should be informed which of the three scenarios applies to you. If you are in any doubt about this, please contact your course organiser.


Scenario 1: if you failed the exam but passed the coursework.

Your passed coursework mark will be carried forward to the resit board. You will have to take the written resit exam.

If there is an oral exam which provides part of your exam mark, then there will be a resit oral , normally on the same day as the written resit exam or as near to it as possible. The course organiser is responsible for organising this.

Scenario 2: if you passed the exam but failed the coursework.

Your passed exam mark will be carried forward to the resit board (so you do not take the resit exam). You will be given replacement coursework to do. This will test the learning outcomes of the failed coursework, though it need not take the same form; further information concerning its form will be made available on Learn. This replacement coursework will be made available to you via Learn and / or e-mail from the DELC Teaching Office, one calendar week before the beginning of the relevant resit exam diet. You will be required to submit your replacement coursework to the TO by 4 pm on the first day of the relevant resit exam diet; in other words, you will have one week to do it in. Submission by turnitin will be allowed.

If the failed coursework mark included oral skills to be tested in the target language, there will also be a coursework replacement oral test, normally on the same day as the written resit exam or as near to it as possible.

Dates of exam diets are available on:

Scenario 3: if you failed both the exam and the coursework.

You will have BOTH to take the resit exam AND to do the replacement coursework, as described above.

To be absolutely clear: if you pass a course overall, then you do not need to resit anything, even if that overall mark includes some fail marks.