Dashkova Centre

Trainees and International Students

Trainees and visiting students at the Dashkova Centre

Valentina Pudano (February - April 2016)

A second-year MA student in International Relations at the University of Bologna, Valentina is specialising in Eastern European Studies and Russia.

Valentina Verzeni (January - June 2016)

Currently a first-year MA student in Languages and Cultures for International Communication and Cooperation at University of Milan. Valentina has also acquired a BA degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures (English and Russian) at the same University.

Erika Perico (March - June 2015)

A first-year Master student at the University of Milan - Italy, Erika firstly carried out undergraduate studies in Interpreting and Translation (languages: English, Russian and Chinese) at the University of Bologna, before starting her Master in Foreign Languages for Communication and International Cooperation.

Violetta Galitskaya (October - December 2015)

Currently a second-year MA student, Violetta is studying in Tomsk State University, on the specialty of sociology. Her Master's dissertation is focused on the issue of creating public spaces.