Dashkova Centre

Writing and Speaking from a Prison/Camp

Discussion will include the following questions:

  1. Do we all agree on what a Prison/Camp is, or does it vary depending on where the acts of imprisonment take place?
  2. Are there any rules governing the microcosm of the Camp to resemble that the idea of freedom outside of it is illusory?
  3. How are the spaces of the prison/camp described? What borders/boundaries are there within the camp and between the interior and exterior?
  4. How do we interpret the aestheticisation in the prison/camp writing or speaking?
  5. Is the voice of the prisoner being ‘taken’, ‘used’ or ‘preserved’ when someone speaks/writes on behalf of him/her?

Roundtable Participants:

  • Peter Davies (German)
  • Kate Dunn (Hispanic Studies)
  • Barbara Fernandez (Hispanic Studies)
  • Rose France (Russian)
  • Andrea Gullotta (Russian, Glasgow U)
  • Lara Ryazanova-Clarke (Russian)

Please register for the event by writing to Dashkova.Centre@ed.ac.uk

Prisoners at a camp during WWII
Mar 18 2016 -

Writing and Speaking from a Prison/Camp

A Roundtable event as part of the Language and Violence Research Stream.

Princess Dashkova Russian Centre
14 Buccleuch Place