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Students’ Performance of Anton Chekhov’s The marriage proposal

Directed by Robin Veale (Year 4 student of Russian Studies) and performed in Russian, this 30-minute sketch presents an unconventional approach to Chekhov’s short classical play.


Deana Davis - Natalia Stepanovna

Anastasia Lopukhine – Sophia Stepanovna Chubukova

Robin Veale – Ivan Vassiliyitch Lomov


Many language departments in the DELC have understood the importance of theatre as a linguistic opportunity for students to practice while working on a creative project. It is our understanding that not so long ago Russian plays were performed alongside French, Spanish, Italian and German plays. Our idea was to bring the Russian play back.  We believed it would be a fun and creative way of bringing Russian speakers and Russian students together to practice the language and discover what Russian theatre has to offer. 

Considering this is the first year we are trying to bring back the Russian play, we decided to start with a small play, one of Chekhov's famous 'Шутки' (Jokes): “The Marriage Proposal”. 

The short performance has been put together over half-a-dozen rehearsals by busy students, and so our aim was not to place our performance on par with the greats (Bedlam, Paradok or the Shakespearean Society), but simply to have some fun and hopefully make some of you laugh during half an hour, with no pretence towards theatrical greatness. We sincerely hope this project will be taken up in the years to come, progressively including more people, and bigger plays for wider audiences.

Robin Veale


Portrait of the Russian playwright Anton Chekhov

Students’ Performance of Anton Chekhov’s The marriage proposal

The Russian Section (DELC, The University of Edinburgh) and Princess Dashkova Russian Centre are pleased to invite you to students’ performance of Anton Chekhov’s The Marriage Proposal (in Russian)

Princess Dashkova Russian Centre
14 Buccleuch Place
The University of Edinburgh