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Russian Film Week: All Will End Soon

Princess Dashkova Russian Centre and Russian Film Week London, with informational support from Scotland-Russia Forum, proudly present:

All will end soon 

Shown in Russian with English subtitles (15+)

Tickets (£8/£5) may be purchased in advance via eventbrite or in cash on the door.


Mikhail Nosov is an ordinary working man. His lonely  life consists of operating the factory machinery, watching TV, surfing the net  in his tiny rented flat and dirty clubbing. One day Nosov meets a prostitute who calls herself Diana. She moves in with him and becomes his full-time escort. After getting to know the ‘real’ Diana, Nosov’s life, his habits and priorities are changed forever.


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Year: 2017

Country: Russia

Director: Alexey Rybin

Screenplay:Alexey Rybin

Producers: Igor Gudkov, Alexey Rybin

Cast: Ksenia Skakun, Mikhail Sivorin, Sergei Losev, Igor Golovin, Ivan Batarev

Nov 23 2017 -

Russian Film Week: All Will End Soon

All Will End Soon is an acclaimed film about the unexpected changes that seemingly straightforward personal encounters can have upon people's lives.

Screening Room
School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
50 George Square