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The concept of ‘Gulag literature’ is still rather obscure. Although some outstanding works have been published on the topic, scholars still refer to Gulag literature in vague terms, to mean anything that ‘has to do with the Gulag’. Dr Gullotta’s research over the last few years has been aimed at finding a new understanding of the literature of the Gulag by considering a wide corpus of texts, including those which have been less studied to date (e.g. oral poems composed within the camps). The target is to provide a new critical framework based on the study of common characteristics (e.g. narrative strategies, stylistic features, common structures). A consistent part of this work is devoted to auto/biographical studies. In this seminar Dr Gullotta will discuss some of the features he has identified over the years in a wide range of texts, and towards the end he will also highlight other aspects related to non-literary texts.

Andrea Gullotta is a lecturer in Russian at the University of Glasgow. He has also worked for the University of Palermo, the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and the University of Padua, where he obtained his Ph.D. He has published extensively in international academic journals and he is co-editor of the international peer-reviewed journal AvtobiografiЯ (www.avtobiografija.com), which deals with life-writing and the representation of the self in Russian culture. His main field of research is the literature of the Gulag. He is the author of ‘Intellectual Life and Literature at Solovki 1923-1930. The Paris of the Northern Concentration Camps’ (Legenda, forthcoming).

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Dashkova Open Research Seminar

Dr Andrea Gullotta (The University of Glasgow) presents a semiar titled: ‘Towards a New Understanding of the Gulag and of its Literature through the Prism of Auto-Biographical Studies’.

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