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Lecture by Dr Dmitry Fedosov

Patrick Gordon of Auchleuchries is one of the greatest and most influential representatives of the Scottish diaspora ever.

A native of Aberdeenshire, he had a distinguished military career for three major European powers - Sweden, Poland-Lithuania and Russia, and spent the last 38 years of his life in the service of the tsars, reaching the ranks of full general and rear admiral. He became the most high-ranking and respected foreigner in Russia, helped to reform her armed forces, and twice made decisive contributions to secure the throne for the young Tsar Peter.

He also founded the first permanent Roman Catholic church in Muscovy. Not least, he left us a unique 6-volume diary, covering his life, career and travels over half of Europe in half a century. It took Dr Fedosov more than 20 years to publish a full scholarly edition of this work, both in the original and Russian translation - a task which is now complete.

About Dr Dmitry Fedosov 

Dr Dmitry Fedosov CorrFRSE is Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of World History at Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. Dr Fedosov is an expert on medieval and early modern history of Russia, Scotland, and Scotland-Russia links from the Middle Ages to the present. He is also the co-founder and chairman of the Moscow Caledonian Club, established in 1994.

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Dr Dmitry Fedosov, General Patrick Gordon
Sep 11 2019 -

Lecture by Dr Dmitry Fedosov

Dr Dmitry Fedosov joins us to talk about General Patrick Gordon of Auchleuchries (1635-1699), Chief Advisor to Tsar Peter the Great, and his diary.

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