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From Monastery to Metropolis: A History of Russian Gardens

Little is known in Britain about Russian gardens. People may recognise images of the luxurious palace gardens around St Petersburg, such as Tsarskoye Selo and Peterhof, as they are well-known tourist destinations; many will also be aware of dachas, which provide millions of ordinary Russians with modest fruit and vegetable plots. In between these two ends of the Russian garden spectrum, however, very little is known. This illustrated talk aims to fill that gap in knowledge and awareness.

Sheila Sim, translator and garden photographer, presents an illustrated talk on Russian garden history from the middle ages to the present day. The talk covers early monastery gardens, the formal parks and gardens of Moscow and St Petersburg, country estates, botanic gardens and of course the humble dacha, finishing with a look at recent trends in Russian garden design.

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Mar 08 2018 -

From Monastery to Metropolis: A History of Russian Gardens

An illustrated talk by Sheila Sim, translator and garden phorographer, jointly organised with the Scotland-Russia Forum.

Princess Dashkova Russian Centre
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