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Food for thought? The lexis of gastronomy in Russia

In the past decade, many coffee houses and fast-food chains have appeared in Russian cities. Coffee houses are now frequently used for meetings, work and internet access. A significant part of these cafes and fast-food restaurants are of foreign origin, but many local businesses have also become popular among Russian customers. Their menus include words that reflect a new lifestyle. 

In her talk, Andrea examines words for food and drinks in the menu of nine coffee houses and fast-food chains in Russia. She presents the results of her latest research, on data she gathered in Moscow, Yaroslavl and Ekaterinburg in October 2017, and analyses formation of the lexical units, orthography and grammatical adaption to the system of the Russian language.

Dr Andrea Liebschner is DAAD lecturer in Russian and German at the Department of Translation and Foreign Languages at Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg.


Russian cafe menu
Jan 18 2018 -

Food for thought? The lexis of gastronomy in Russia

Dashkova Centre Open Research Seminar with Dr Andrea Liebschner (Ural Federal State University, Ekaterinburg)

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