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An evening with Film Director Ekaterina Eremenko

“The Discrete Charm of Geometry” is designed to convey the joys of science to wide audiences. The film follows the journey of a team of mathematicians from the Collaborative Research Centre “Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics” as they dive into the unknown world of mathematics. United by the idea of discretization these scientists experience hope, disappointment, success, failure, and the overall excitement of discovery as they work together on a big project. The question of where the boundaries lie between mathematics and the lives of those who are involved in it, and how much they are willing to sacrifice is as important as the search for precise scientific answers.  

Other films by Ekaterina Eremenko include “The Sound of Russia” (2003), “Big Bones – Big Business” (2004), “My Class” (2008), and “Colours of Math” (2012).

Ekaterina Eremenko
Sep 24 2016 -

An evening with Film Director Ekaterina Eremenko

Screening of the film ‘The Discrete Charm of Geometry’ (2015) with the introduction and a Q&A session with the Director.

The Princess Dashkova Russian Centre
14 Buccleuch Place