Dashkova Centre


Events organised by and related to the Princess Dashkova Centre.



Inspired by Princess Dashkova who lived at the Palace of Holyroodhouse during the Enlightenment, a series of short talks explores culture and diplomacy in Britain and Russia during the reigns of Catherine the Great and George III. There are two opportunities to see medals presented to the University of Edinburgh by Dashkova on the occasion of her son Paul’s graduation from the university, on a tour at the university library's Special Collections. Pre-booking essential!


Дорогие друзья, дети, преподаватели и родители! В этом году фестиваль детского чтения Книгу.Ру приходит в Шотландию, и мы приглашаем всех на увлекательные встречи с детскими книгами и писателем-лауреатом Анастасией Строкиной, которые будут проходить в Эдинбургском Университете!
From 19 to 23 February 2018, the Princess Dashkova Russian Centre hosts a series of lectures by scholars from the Higher School of Economics, Moscow. Their visit to the University of Edinburgh takes place under the auspices of the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Scheme. All lectures take place at the Dashkova Centre.