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Over the course of your studies you may find that you wish to make changes to the administration or organisation of your undergraduate studies.

If this is the case, please contact the Student Support team as soon as possible so that we can help you to sort out any problems.

What should I do if …

I will miss/have missed a tutorial?

Tutorials are an integral part of your study and you should make every effort to attend them.

If you have missed a tutorial, you MUST contact your tutor and the course/subject area administrator to account for your absence and find out what preparation is required for the next tutorial. Similarly, if you know in advance of any good reason why you will not be able to attend a tutorial, you should inform your tutor at the earliest opportunity and be prepared to catch up on any missed coursework.

I am worried that I may miss/have missed a deadline?

If you cannot complete your coursework in time to meet the deadline, you can request an extension of up to seven calendar days. You can submit an extension request up to two weeks before your assignment deadline.

Applications submitted after your assignment deadline will not be considered and penalties will be applied for late submission.

If you have missed the deadline for applying for an extension because of exceptional circumstances, you might want to consider applying for special circumstances.

Find out more about requesting an extension

Find out more about requesting an extension if you have learning adjustments

Find out more about special circumstances 

I have failed a course(s)?

Students can progress from 1st to 2nd year with a 40 credit maximum deficit. If you are missing any more than this, the most likely option available is a part-time repeat year and you should speak to the Student Support team as soon as possible. A 40-credit deficit can be carried into the third year ONLY if your degree programme does not involve a mandatory year abroad. No deficit can be carried into the final year.

I have failed an examination?

It is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of the re-sit requirements. Please contact the Student Support team if you have concerns about re-sits or progression to Honours.

I have failed to progress to Honours?

You should speak to your Personal Tutor as soon as possible to discuss the options available to you, or please contact the Student Support team. Further support and guidance on academic appeals can be obtained from The Advice Place.

I am struggling with coursework?

Please speak to your course organiser or tutor as soon as you know you are having problems. The Institute for Academic Development offers advice and documentation on effective learning and also runs Study Skills workshops throughout the year.

If you are experiencing personal issues which are affecting your studies, you should discuss the possibility of a special circumstances submission with either your Personal Tutor or the Student Support team.

I wish to withdraw permanently from the University?

Please contact the Student Support team as soon as possible. We will advise you on the procedure for withdrawing. 

You should also discuss your intentions with your Personal Tutor and ensure that you are 100% sure you wish to withdraw as once withdrawn a student cannot be re-instated.

Please note that your e-mail account will become inactive shortly after leaving the University therefore you should inform your e-mail contacts and be sure to copy all important data to a personal account. It is your responsibility to inform your funding body.

I am absent through illness?

You should contact the Student Support team as soon as possible to record non-attendance of classes. Absences of up to two weeks are permitted, but it's important to ensure that you can catch up with your coursework.

If illness has significantly affected your progress, you can apply for consideration of special circumstances. If your illness prevents you from dealing personally with your academic affairs, you may nominate someone (e.g. a parent) to act on your behalf however we must receive confirmation from you in writing from your University e-mail account before we can communicate with a third party.

I wish to take an Authorised Interruption of Study?

Students who require a leave of absence of more than two weeks need to apply for an Authorised Interruption of Study (AIS). An AIS is where a student is given permission to suspend their studies for a period of time for 'good' reason. An AIS will not normally exceed one academic year and supporting evidence (such as a personal statement, medical letters and/or third party statements) may be required.

If you wish to apply for an AIS you should contact the Student Support team as soon as possible. It is worth noting that interruptions cannot be granted retrospectively and students cannot take re-sits while on an AIS.

During the period of absence it is your responsibility to provide a current postal contact address and to ensure that any legal requirements imposed by your funding or grant authority are met. You must also check your University email account regularly for communications from the University.

I am an international student. Can I take an AIS?

International students can take an AIS BUT, as per the terms of their Visa, should not remain in the UK when not studying. The Visa will be withdrawn and you would need to re-apply for a Visa before returning to your studies in the next academic session. Please refer any questions to the Student Support team or the Student Immigration Service.

I have computer problems?

Visit the Information Services (IS) Helpdesk on the ground floor, Main Library, George Square. Alternatively, you can contact the IS Helpline:

I am an international student?

Edinburgh Global offers a central point for all non-UK students to go to for assistance, advice and support.

Staffed by a volunteer student committee, the Erasmus Student Network is a social and support society for all students, especially those from abroad or on exchange in Edinburgh.

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