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Course or degree issues

We can provide assistance with a range of academic problems that should arise during your time as an undergraduate.

What should I do if…I would like to change a course?

Students cannot normally change course registration after teaching week 2 of the start of the semester in which the course is taught. Please speak to the Student Support Team or your Personal Tutor as soon as possible.

I need to speak to my Personal Tutor?

Your Personal Tutor should be your first port of call for academic advice and guidance as well as for providing academic references. It is advisable to contact your PT by email to arrange an appointment unless you know his or her office hour(s).

If your PT is not available for any reason, you should contact the Student Support Team who can put you in touch with the School’s Senior Tutor or another relevant Academic member of staff.

I have failed to progress to Honours?

You should speak to your Personal Tutor as soon as possible to discuss the options available to you, or please contact the Student Support Team. Further support and guidance on academic appeals can be obtained from The EUSA Advice Place.

I wish to take an Authorised Interruption of Study?

Students who require a leave of absence exceeding two weeks in duration need to apply for an Authorised Interruption of Study (AIS). An AIS is where a student is given permission to suspend their studies for a period of time for 'good' reason. An AIS will not normally exceed one academic year and supporting evidence (such as a personal statement, medical letters and/or third party statements) may be required.

If you wish to apply for an AIS you should contact the Student Support Team as soon as possible, since Interruptions cannot be granted retrospectively. The application will then be sent to the Associate Dean (Academic Progress), who will contact you directly to confirm the outcome. You may wish to note that you cannot take re-sits while on an AIS.

During the period of absence it is your responsibility to provide a current postal contact address and to ensure that any legal requirements imposed by your funding/grant authority or visa are met. You must also check your University email account regularly for communications from the University.

If you are struggling with personal and/or academic issues, it is vital that you contact the Student Support Team as soon as possible.

I wish to transfer to another degree programme?

Students who are thinking about transferring to a different degree programme should contact the Student Support team as early as possible.

Further information on the process is available on our 'Degree Programme Transfers' page. 

What is student engagement monitoring?

As a student at the University of Edinburgh, you are responsible for attending and engaging with your programme of study.

Your engagement will be monitored at in-person teaching,  via the submission of coursework, the use of Learn, PGR supervisor meetings, and by other means.  Failure to engage will affect your learning experience, may jeopardise results and can ultimately result in exclusion from the University.

You may at times experience difficulties which affect your studies (i.e. academic, personal, health).  On these occasions it is crucial that you contact your Personal Tutor (PT) or the Student Support Team (SST) at the earliest opportunity in order to be advised on the best course of action.  Early intervention is best, so you are strongly encouraged to come forward if and when you need help.  Be assured that your PT and the SST are here to help and aim to offer you appropriate support or guidance as needed.

Take me to more information about engagement monitoring for Undergraduate Students.

I wish to withdraw permanently from the University?

Please contact the Student Support Team as soon as possible. We will advise you on the proceedure for withdrawing. 

You should also discuss your intentions with your Personal Tutor and ensure that you are 100% sure you wish to withdraw as once withdrawn a student cannot be re-instated.

Please note that your e-mail account will become inactive shortly after leaving the University therefore you should inform your e-mail contacts and be sure to copy all important data to a personal account. It is your responsibility to inform your funding body.

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