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Feedback questionnaires and student surveys

Take part in a range of surveys, from course questionnaires to the National Student Survey, to share your views on our services.

Just as students value the feedback they are given on their performance, staff are keen to hear how students rate the experience they have at our university and in our courses. Throughout their studies students are given the opportunity to provide us with feedback on a variety of feedback questionnaires and surveys.

Course feedback forms

At the end of each course, evaluation forms are distributed to all students on the course, asking them to comment on features of that course and any difficulties they may have had. This feedback is anonymous. It will be used to improve the course design and provision in following years. Course organisers will inform students what improvements were made in reaction to feedback gathered in previous years. Course questionnaires are also one important source for the annual course monitoring reports which are submitted to the School’s Quality Assurance committee for further scrutiny.


The National Student Survey (NSS) is a UK-wide survey of undergraduate students in their final year conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the higher education sector. The Edinburgh Student Experience Survey (ESES) gathers the views of undergraduates who are not yet in their final year of study. In both surveys, students are asked to comment on issues such as the quality of teaching on their course, assessment and feedback, student support, organization and management, learning resources, their personal development and overall satisfaction. Both surveys are run annually and students can access them via their MyEd pages.

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