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The role of the Programme Rep

As a Programme Rep, you’ll gather and communicate views from your peers on various aspects of your course.

The overall aim is to improve the learning experience for current and future students. 

We’d love to hear positive feedback on aspects of your programme which your classmates feel work well, and which might then be shared as good practice, as well as any concerns and issues they have which might negatively affect the student experience.

As a Programme Rep (previously known as a Class/Student Rep), you may be invited to comment on - and provide input into - proposed changes to how we work that have been suggested in student surveys, external examiners reports, or teaching programme reviews, for example.

You’ll report back to your class mates on discussions that take place at staff-student liaison and other meetings, and share information about any resultant action.

We’ll also publish minutes of staff-student liaison meetings online.

The Students’ Association provides training for Programme Reps to help them in their role.

Find out more about support for Programme Reps

The best forum for every issue

For every issue, there will be an appropriate forum in which to raise it so that the right people get to deal with it quickly and effectively.

It may not always be easy to decide what to raise at which level - course, departmental or School - but we have a range of people who can give you guidance, from Student-Staff Liaison Officers to the Student Support Team and the Students’ Association’s Advice Place.

To get you started, here are some rough guidelines…

Course/section level

  • Content of courses, e.g. texts studied, textbooks used
  • Course information (e.g. clarity of information, communication)
  • Specifics of assessment: content, timing, spread, marking criteria, clarity of feedback etc.
  • Teaching in specific classes

Section/department level

  • Timetabling issues, class sizes
  • Curriculum issues
  • Progression from year to year
  • Principles of assessment (e.g. balance between coursework and exams; policies regarding dissertations or Year Abroad essays; assessment deadlines)
  • Year Abroad issues
  • Accessibility of staff
  • Admin support
  • Action plans following external examiners’ reports and teaching programme reviews
  • Anything where comparison between different courses might be beneficial as it might lead to sharing of good practice

School level

  • Issues regarding intra- and cross-school degree programmes
  • Student Support systems
  • Action plans following student surveys
  • Anything where comparison between departments might be beneficial as it might lead to sharing of good practice

We’re delighted to have student representation on the LLC Learning and Teaching Committee.

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