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Student support

Where to get help and guidance, and how to provide us with valuable feedback.

Undergraduate support

Undergraduate support
We offer all of our undergraduate students help and support throughout their time at the University.


Taught Degree Programme Results, Interim Awards, Final Awards, and Classifications or other outcomes will be communicated to students via e-mail. This e-mail will contain a link to where the final result can be viewed.

Quality and student representation

Certificate of Higher Education
Make your voice heard in contributing to a positive student experience at LLC.

Useful links

Useful links
Here are some links to University facilities and services which you may find useful.

Peer Support

Study with us
Peer support schemes and projects enable students to provide academic and social support for each other during their studies. In partnership with the University of Edinburgh, the Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA) offers guidance, support and resources for staff and students involved in establishing and maintaining peer support initiatives.

Getting around

Getting around Edinburgh
Information on how to get to Edinburgh, and on getting around the University of Edinburgh once you're here.

Student-Staff Charter

Lecture theatre
We believe that the best learning experiences happen when all participants are actively engaged in working together. To help facilitate this partnership, we've developed a Student-Staff Charter.

Postgraduate support

We aim to provide students with help, support and focus throughout their postgraduate studies.

Postgraduate support