Literatures, Languages & Cultures

Admin and support contacts

Professional Services staff in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures.

Many of us work on a hybrid basis - a mixture of on-campus and digitally.

Our working hours are Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm (UK time).

Please email us in the first instance, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

School Office

Title Name Email
Head of School Professor Alex Thomson
Director of Professional Services Jacqui Brook
Head of Operations Anna McGauley
HR Coordinator Calum Anderson
HR Administrator  Taylor Kinney

HR Administrator  James Hanton
Finance Coordinator Sam Brudell
Finance Administrator Kieran Nolan
Finance Resources Assistant  Claire Haley
School Resources & Research Finance Assistant Emma Caulfield
Research Manager Janet Black
Senior Research and Impact Administrator Laura Tomlinson
Research Administrator Anja Pogačnik
Marketing and Communications Manager Máire Cox 
Marketing and Communications Officer Nathalia Bogdanov
Marketing and Communications Assistant Hannah Ruddy
Head of Digital and Facilities Services Alexander McBroom
Estates and Facilities Assistant Calum Barrie
School Receptionist Justyna Hajduczek

Student and Academic Services

Head of Student and Academic Services

Jackie Barnhart
Director of Learning and Teaching Dr Ben Bateman
Postgraduate Research Director Dr Frauke Matthes

Student Support

Book an online appointment with a Student Adviser

Title Name Email
Head of Student Support / Coordinator of Adjustments Christine Lennie
Student Support Development Manager Melanie Smith
Student Adviser Clare Chadd
Student Adviser Claire Dickson
Student Adviser Heather Duff
Student Adviser Claire Lightfoot
Student Adviser Fiona McMurray
Student Adviser Fiona Scanlon
Student Adviser Fraser King
Student Adviser Joe Burrell
Student Adviser Angie Jones
Student Support Administrator Daniel Berger
Student Support Administrator Bronwen Jones

Teaching Office

Book an online appointment with the Teaching Office (for students on undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes)

Title Name Email
Taught Programmes Operations Manager Iain Sutherland
Taught Programmes Officer Claire Hand
Planning and Support Senior Administrator  Monique Brough
Planning and Support Senior Administrator  Vivien MacNish Porter

Learning and Teaching Operations Senior Administrator Iain Harrison
Learning and Teaching Operations Senior Administrator  Callum Lennie
Senior Learning and Teaching Administrator  Hope Hamilton
Senior Learning and Teaching Administrator  Lina Gordyshevskaya
Learning and Teaching Administrator  Anne Budo
Learning and Teaching Administrator  June Cahongo
Learning and Teaching Administrator Eilean Deane
Learning and Teaching Administrator Rebecca McGinley
Learning and Teaching Administrator  Kirsten Martin
Learning and Teaching Administrator  Sheila Strathdee

Postgraduate Research Office

Book an online appointment with the Postgraduate Research Office (for students on MSc by Research and PhD programmes)

Title Name Email
Postgraduate Research Support Officer Karin Bolton
Postgraduate Research Senior Administrator Alan Binnie

Learning and Teaching Enhancement

Title Name Email
Quality Assurance, Enhancement and Projects Officer David Horn

Quality Assurance, Enhancement and Planning Officer

Fiona King

Year Abroad Office

Book an online appointment with the Year Abroad Office

Title Name Email
Year Abroad and Placement Officer Elaine Hermina 
Year Abroad Administrator Louise Carson 

Learning & Information Technology

Title Name Email
Technical Officer John Glendinning
Resource Centre and AV Support Administrator Tom Napper

Learning Technology Manager Renée Marx
Learning Technology Assistant Amadeo Rasul
Technology Support Manager Neil Young
Technology Support Officer Richard Lomax
Technology Support Officer Yemi Safiu

Scottish Universities' International Summer School

Title Name Email
SUISS Summer School Administrative Manager Lauren Pope
SUISS Co-Director Gina Gwenffrewi
SUISS Co-Director Laura Muetzelfeldt