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Thinking About Mythology in the 21st Century

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We are delighted to announce the programme for the fifth annual colloquium on ‘Thinking About Mythology in the 21st Century’.

Organised jointly by the departments of Celtic and Scottish Studies and Scandinavian Studies in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures (LLC) at the University of Edinburgh, the colloquium will explore the similarities and differences between Celtic and Scandinavian mythology.

Following a Call for Papers in May this year, 34 presenters are scheduled to speak in 16 sessions, with plenary presentations from:

  • Professor Stephen A. Mitchell, Harvard University
  • Professor Gregory Toner, Queen’s University, Belfast
  • Professor Jonathan Wooding, University of Sydney
  • Professor Jonas Wellendorf, University of California at Berkeley

Day One of the conference (Friday 10th November) will also include a lunchtime workshop by Edinburgh's Dr Emily Lyle (Honorary Fellow in Celtic and Scottish Studies) on cosmology and Celtic and Scandinavian mythologies. Please note that this event was previously advertised as taking place on Sunday 12th November.

Registration starts from £6 (for a student to attend for one day; standard registration is £24 for two days).

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Conference Board

Dr Alexandra Bergholm, Professor Rob Dunbar, Dr Emily Lyle, Dr Alan Macniven, Professor Wilson McLeod and Dr John Shaw.

Conference Organisers

Dhanya Baird and Dr Triin Laidoner

Thor fishing for Jormungand

Thinking About Mythology in the 21st Century

Announcing the programme for our fifth annual colloquium, which this year focuses on Celtic and Scandinavian mythology.

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