Literatures, Languages & Cultures

Giving Voice to Cultures conference

This two-day Conference is organized by the Dashkova Russian Centre with financial support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation.

Friday 12th - Saturday 13th December 2014
The Princess Dashkova Russian Centre

The question of intercultural contact between Russia and Britain in the past centuries has been widely studied across disciplines. However, the 21st century - the epoch of intensified globalisation and transnational mobility - has produced new models of giving voice to cultures intended for exchange and consumption. The contemporary period has put its own mark on the ways of construction and sharing cultural knowledge of a foreign place and facilitated the emergence of new behaviours and subjectivities. A variety of intercultural links between Russia and the UK have grown to include various patterns of migration and tourism as well new forms of business, academic and cultural contacts. This takes place against the unprecedented accessibility of information including a plethora of texts and images and a growing intensity of internet communication. In both countries, spaces of domestication of respectively Russian and British cultures and hybrid cultural forms are emerging. Contemporary patterns and practices of giving voice to cultures require new approaches to the British-Russian inter-cultural dialogue.

Aerial view of london

The conference sets out to explore practices of cross-cultural communication between Russia and Britain in the 21st century. It focuses on the forms and systems of meaning making in a variety of cultural fields in dialogue. It will address the ways of mutual representations and cross-cultural experiences of the Russians and British expressed in the media, literature, films, theatre; the translation of cultures in art exhibitions, concerts and other art forms; linguistic and cultural exchange in diasporas, digital communities and networking sites; tourism practices and discourses (travel guides, blogs, phrasebooks, etc.); questions of linguistic and cultural commoditization, spaces of cultural exchange, and related themes.

A full Conference Programme may be seen here: