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Upcoming and past conferences in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures.

Thinking About Mythology in the 21st Century

Thor fishing for Jormungand
Announcing the programme for our fifth annual colloquium, which this year focuses on Celtic and Scandinavian mythology.

Ian Hamilton Finlay: Little Fields, Long Horizons

The garden of the concrete poet Ian Hamilton Finlay in the Scottish Borders
This two-day symposium will explore new critical and interdisciplinary perspectives on the Scottish poet, artist and avant-gardener Ian Hamilton Finlay (1925-2006).

Mobilizing Identities/Identities in Motion through the First World War: History, Representations, and Memory

Mobilizing Identities conference
The aim of this conference is to gather together scholars in a diverse range of disciplines (history, classics, philosophy, literary and cultural studies) and discuss to what extent and how the war, its representations and its contemporary memory, can be considered as a laboratory for testing identities at large.

Scottish Women's Poetry Symposium 2016

Curved bookshelf
This one-day symposium (in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh) brings together leading researchers and practitioners in the field of contemporary Scottish women’s poetry. Gathering together new and established voices from academia, poetry, publishing, and other creative areas, it will discuss and debate the diverse energies, directions, and innovations in the field post-2000.

Norse and Native in Northwest Europe

Lewis chessmen
Registration is now open for the upcoming interdisciplinary conference 'Norse and Native in Northwest Europe', which will take place at 50 George Square on Thursday May 21st. The event is organised by the Scottish Society for Northern Studies in collaboration with Scandinavian Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

Giving Voice to Cultures conference

London and St Petersburg
This two-day Conference is organized by the Dashkova Russian Centre with financial support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation.

Holy Places in Islam: Early Islam and the Search for a Model

Holy places in Islam
From the emergence of Islam, Muslim societies were confronted with the notion of the holiness of specific sites. They developed different positions on this issue, which ranged from adopting specific sites to dismissing or destroying them. In addition, several new Islamic holy sites emerged.

Sex and Sexuality in Celtic Cultures

Exit pursued by a dog, manuscript page
A conference to explore the literature, history, linguistics and folklore of sex and sexuality in Celtic cultures.