Centre for the History of the Book

Worlds of Print: Diversity in the Book Trade

The infinite variety of people and places touched by the British book trade is the focus of this eighth volume in the Print Networks series.

Based on a conference hosted by the CHB, these papers - by established book historians and younger scholars - reflect the complex networks that existed between book trade people in the British Isles and the wider colonial world, focusing on those involved in the creation of the book, from author to agent, publisher to printer, bookseller to reader.

Topics range from Scotland's earliest printers to late twentieth-century global marketing strategies, also exploring books in and about central America, New Zealand, Australia, Elgin, Northampton, and East Kent, among other diverse locations. These essays demonstrate what the connections between book trade practitioners locally and internationally can tell us about the significance of print. They accomplish this by analyzing the lives of the men and women who created and lived in these fascinating 'worlds of print'. Co-published with The British Library.