Centre for the History of the Book

Nineteenth-Century Media and the Construction of Identities

This collection of important new research in nineteenth-century media history represents some salient, recent developments in the field.

Based on a CHB conference, it takes as its theme the way the media serve to define identities - national, ethnic, professional, gender, and textual - the volume addresses serials in the UK, the US, and Australia. High culture rubs shoulders with the popular press, text with image, and feminist periodicals with masculine, gay, and domestic serials. Theory and history combine in research by scholars of international repute.



B.Bell, L.Brake & D.Finkelstein

Discourses of Journalism

George Newnes and the 'Loyal Tit-Bitites': Editorial Identity and Textual Interaction in Tit-Bits (K.Jackson); 'A Simulacrum of Power': Intimacy and Abstraction in the Rhetoric of the New Journalism (R.Salmon); Journalistic Discourses and Constructions of Modern Knowledge (K.Campbell); A Centre that Would not Hold: Annuals and Cultural Democracy (M.Linley).

The Reader in Text and Image

A Paradigm of Reading the Victorian Penny Weekly: Education of the Gaze and The London Journal (A.King); From Street Ballad to Penny Magazine: 'March of Intellect in the Butchering Line' (M.Hancher); 'Penny' Wise, 'Penny' Foolish? Popular Periodicals and the 'March of Intellect' in the 1820s and 1830s (B.E.Maidment); 'Women in Conference': Reading the Correspondence Columns in Woman 1890-1910 (L.Warren)


Dickens as Serial Author: A Case of Multiple Identities; R.L.Patten; Authorship, Gender and Power in Victorian Culture: Harriet Martineau and the Periodical Press; A.Easley; Work for Women: Margaret Oliphant's Journalism; J.Shattock; Israel Zangwill's Early Journalism and the Formation of an Anglo-Jewish Literary Identity; M.J.Rochelson

Negotiating Gender

America's First Feminine Magazine: Transforming the Popular to the Political (A.B.Aronson); Coming Apart: The British Newspaper Press and the Divorce Court (A.Humphreys); Saint Pauls Magazine and the Project of Masculinity (M.W.Turner); The Agony Aunt, the Romancing Uncle and the Family of Empire: Defining the Sixpenny Reading Public in the 1890s (M.Beetham); 'Gay Discourse' and The Artist and the Journal of Home Culture (L.Brake)

National and Ethnic Identity

Bad Press: Thomas Campbell Foster and British Reportage on the Irish Famine 1845-1849 (L.Williams); The Nineteenth Century Media and Welsh Identity (A.Jones); 'Long and Intimate Connections': Constructing a Scottish Identity for Blackwood's Magazine (D.Finkelstein); Making News, Making Readers: The Creation of the Modern Newspaper Public in Nineteenth-Century France (D.de la Motte); The Virtual Reading Communities of the London Journal, the New York Ledger and the Australian Journal (T.Johnson-Woods)