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Theresa Goodman

Theresa Goodman is a doctoral student in the Centre for the History of the Book.

Theresa Goodman

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Theresa Goodman holds an M.A. in English from the University of Virginia. Her master's thesis, "A Journey with a View," focused on E. M. Forster's reaction to (and against) aesthetic tourism and the quest for the picturesque. Concurrently with her master's program, she curated an exhibition titled "Books That Take Us Lands Away: Tourism and Print Culture in the Nineteenth Century" at Rare Book School at the University of Virginia. Theresa's doctoral research, supervised by Dr Tom Mole, focuses on the production, circulation, and use of souvenir books and prints in nineteenth-century Scotland, in order to understand how tourists relied on books to record intangible experiences and, later, to recall memories of their travels.