Centre for the History of the Book

Volume III: Ambition and Industry 1800-1880

Edited by Bill Bell

Throughout the nineteenth century Scotland was transformed from an agricultural nation on the periphery of Europe to become an industrial force with international significance. A landmark in its field, this volume explores the changes in the Scottish book trade as it moved from a small-scale manufacturing process to a mass-production industry.

This book brings together the work of over thirty leading experts to explore a broad range of topics that include production technology, bookselling and distribution, the literary market, reading and libraries, and Scotland's international relations.

A remarkable achievement of collective scholarship. This volume does full justice to Scotland's extraordinary contribution to the history of the book while successfully embedding that story in the broader context of nineteenth century Scottish development.

Tom DevineSir William Fraser Professor of Scottish History and Palaeography, The University of Edinburgh

I emerge from reading this richly informative book with a greatly heightened sense of the importance of Scots publishing throughout the nineteenth century . . . . and the ways in which Scots enterprises wove into the fabric of nineteenth-century printed discourse. As a corrective to London-based accounts and perspectives, this volume is invaluable.

Robert L. PattenLynette S. Autrey Professor of Humanities, Rice University