Centre for the History of the Book

Recent research

Recent research from the Centre for the History of the Book.

The Edinburgh History of the Book in Scotland

Published in four volumes by Edinburgh University Press, The Edinburgh History of the Book in Scotland is a major scholarly project whose aim is to investigate the history of the production, circulation, and reception of Scottish texts from earliest times to the present.

The Banatyne Manuscript and its Cultural Influence

A new project exploring the cultural influence of the Bannatyne Manuscript, a poetic anthology compiled in Edinburgh, c.1568, has been granted funding by the Leverhulme Trust.

Small Press Publishing in Paris and London 1920-1940

Dr Lisa Otty has been awarded an AHRC Early Career Fellowship to complete her project ‘Poetry, Politics and the Book: Small Press Publishing in London and Paris 1920 - 1940.'

The Medieval Bible in Scotland

From biblical allusions in the Declaration of Arbroath to Bibles owned by monarchs, laymen and monks, evidence abounds for the production and use of Scottish Bibles. Such wealth of customs and manuscripts has not yet been subject to scholarly analysis

Correspondence: Exploration and Travel from Manuscript to Print 1768-1848

A JOINT INITIATIVE between the University of Edinburgh Institute of Geography, the Centre for the History of the Book and the National Library of Scotland has received a major research grant of £221,000 from the Arts and Humanities Research Council. The project is entitled 'Correspondence: Exploration and Travel from Manuscript to Print, 1768-1848'.

Illustrating Scott

The Illustrating Scott Project was funded by a British Academy small research grant, and serves to locate and catalogue the illustrations to the Waverley Novels that appeared in print form in Britain from the publication of Scott's first novel, Waverley. The principal investigator was Peter Garside, and the research associate was Ruth M. McAdams.

The Material Culture of the Late Medieval and Early Modern Bible

The material culture of the late medieval and early modern Bible is at the core of a new research project, which commenced at the academic year 2007-2008.

Transnational Histories of the Book: Europe 1800-1945

These are auspicious times for Book History, with several multi-volume national histories of the book projects under way, not least in Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, and the United States.

Robert Cadell's Diaries

In 2006 Dr. Ross Alloway was awarded a three year British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship in order to transcribe the diaries of the Scottish Publisher Robert Cadell.

Books Across Borders: John Murray's Handbooks to the Continent

In 2007, the Royal Society of Edinburgh awarded a Caledonian Research Fellowship for the investigation of tourist handbooks to Italy and Germany.

Books, Literature, and Reading on the Internet

Generous funding has recently been granted by the Swedish research funds Riksbankens jubileumsfond and Ridderstads stiftelse for research into the impact of new information technologies on the sphere of contemporary literature.