Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies


Edinburgh Medieval and Renaissance studies staff are involved in several research projects that aim to give new insights into the period.

Academic staff in the Centre are listed below by School, with a brief description of their relevant research interests and a link to staff pages for more information.  At present this list does not include Honorary Fellows or research postgraduates.

Edinburgh College of Art

  • Glaire Anderson - Islamic art and architecture during the age of the caliphs
  • Claudia Bolgia - Medieval Italian art and architecture and their historical and intellectual context
  • Jill Burke - Italian Renaissance visual culture
  • Ian Campbell - Late medieval and early modern architectural theory and practice in Italy and Scotland
  • Jim Lawson - Italian Renaissance architectural theory and practice
  • John Lowrey - Early modern Scottish architecture
  • Catriona Murray - Visual and material culture in early modern Britian
  • Luca Palozzi - Monumental sculpture and artistic relations in late Medieval Italy
  • Heather Pulliam - Ireland and Britain (700-900) especially, semiotics, iconography, vision and colour
  • Halle O'Neal - Japanese art
  • Chia-Ling Yang - Chinese art
  • Yuthika Sharma - Indian art
  • Noel O'Regan - Sacred music and musical patronage in 16th- and early 17th-century Italy
  • Carol Richardson - Institutional patronage in early modern Europe, especially Rome
  • Thomas Tolley - Visual culture and visuality in northern Europe in the later Middle Ages
  • Genevieve Warwick - Rennaissance art


  • Simon Burton - Reformation history.  'Late medieval theology and Renaissance Platonism'
  • Jane Dawson - Religious history in Scotland and the islands of Britain, c. 1450-1700
  • David Fergusson - Issues in Christian doctrine, theological ethics and Reformed theology especially in Scotland
  • Susan Hardman Moore- 17th century reformed theology and piety
  • Paul Parvis - Early Christianity; Patristics
  • Sara Parvis - Early Christianity; Patristics

History, Classics and Archaeology

  • Bill Aird - Western Europe in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, in particular the history of the 'Norman diaspora'
  • Miranda Anderson - Medieval and Renaissance literary and cultural texts, paradigms of the human mind
  • Cordelia Beattie - Women and gender in late medieval England
  • Steve Boardman - Late medieval Scotland
  • Petros Bouras-Vallianatos - Byzantine medicine & science; Byzantine literature and manuscripts; reception of the classical tradition; cross-cultural exchanges in the Middle Ages

  • Stephen Bowd - Italian renaissance religion, politics and culture
  • Tom Brown - Social history of Byzantine Italy, early medieval urban history
  • Adam Budd - Anglo-Scottish print culture c. 1500-1800
  • Mike Carr - Medieval Mediterranean history c. 1000-1500, especially crusades and cross-cultural trade
  • Jim Crow - Roman and Byzantine archaeology
  • Kirsty Day - Social history of mdieval religion, especially gender and Central Europe
  • Adam Fox- Economic, social and cultural history of early modern Britain
  • Niels Gaul - Byzantine studies
  • Julian Goodare - Early modern Scottish government, finance and politics and the European and Scottish witch-hunt
  • Felicity Green - Early modern intellectual history
  • Lucy Grig- Material and literary culture of the Mediterranean world in Late Antiquity
  • Anna Groundwater - Early modern Scottish government, especially role of patronage, obligation, alliance, friendship and kinship
  • Michael Höckelmann - Early and medieval China
  • Gavin Kelly- Latin literature and political history in late antiquity; transmission of Latin classics
  • Stephen McDowall - Cultural history of early modern China
  • Esther Mijers - Early modern Scottish history, Republic of Letters and early Enlightenment
  • Zubin Mistry - Early medieval religion, politics and society; health and medicine (c. 500-1000)
  • Richard Oosterhoff - Early modern intellectual history
  • Aaron Pelttari - Late antique Latin literature
  • Gianluca Raccagni - Western Europe in the central Middle Ages especially political culture, crusades, and the Italian cities
  • Alasdair Raffe - Religion, politics and ideas in early modern Scotland
  • David Rosenthal - Social and cultural history of early modern Italy
  • Ben Russell - Roman and late antique trade and economy
  • Eberhard Sauer - Roman Empire and more recently also Sasanian Persia
  • Riley Snyder - Late antique and Byzantine archaeology
  • Richard Sowerby - Cultural history of early medieval Europe
  • Foteini Spingou - Byzantine literature and visual culture
  • Yannis Stouraitis - Byzantine history
  • Curie Virág- Early and medieval Chinese philosophy and intellectural history
  • Tom Webster - Belief and practice in early modern England


Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Celtic and Scottish Studies

English Literature

  • Sarah Carpenter - Medieval and Tudor literature and drama
  • Dermot Cavanagh - Reformation and sixteenth-century literature and politics
  • Sarah Dunnigan - Medieval and Renaissance Scottish literature, especially women's writing, ballads and folktales
  • James Loxley- Politics of discourse in seventeenth century Britain and Ireland
  • David Salter - Culture of the later Middle Ages, especially romance and literature of traditional religion
  • Suzanne Trill - Early modern English women's writing
  • Greg Walker - Literary, dramatic and political history of the late medieval period and 16th century

Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

Asian Studies

  • Ian Astley - Japanese and Chinese religions and philosophy, especially Buddhism
  • Paul Dundas - Medieval Jainism and the Sanskrit court epic
  • Joachim Gentz - Chinese philosophy and religions, text and commentary, ritual and divination, and theories of cultural and religious studies
  • Julian Ward - Travel writing, especially Xu Xiake (1587-1641)

European Languages and Cultures

  • Philip Bennett - French medieval literature and culture
  • Veronique Desnain - Early modern French literature and philosophy
  • Severine Genieys-Kirk- 16th- to 18th-century literature, with a focus on women’s writing in early modern Europe
  • Arne Kruse - Viking studies, place-name research and Scandinavian language history
  • Huw Lewis - Medieval literature, particularly ballads and folk literature
  • Alan Macniven - Viking studies, place-name research and Old Norse society and literature
  • Nicolò Maldina - Dante studies
  • Jeremy Robbins - Spanish culture of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, especially the Baroque
  • Sabine Rolle - Medieval German literature and history
  • Fionnùala Sinclair - Medieval French, Occitan and Italian literature and culture, and the inter-relation between these

Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences

Linguistics and English Language

  • Patrick Honeybone - Phonology, including Old and Middle English
  • Linda van Bergen - History of the English language, especially the syntax of Old and Middle English
  • Rhona Alcorn - Middle English language; Older Scots language; medieval spelling systems
  • Joanna Kopaczyk - Medieval and Early Modern Scots, legal discourse, multilingualism
  • Ben Molineaux Ress - Middle English language, Older Scots language – language contact and change in the Middle Ages


Social & Political Science

Science Studies

  • John Henry - History of science and medicine from Renaissance to nineteenth century.