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Meet the Director: François Damiens

Discovered a few years ago thanks to the colourful character of François l'Embrouille, the hero of a hidden camera TV series, François Damiens has since built his career as a top-billed actor in a wide range of films in France and Belgium, such as Just to Be Sure with Cecile de France, Thomas Bidegain's Les Cowboys, Dany Boon's Rien à Déclarer, Pascal Chaumeil's Heartbreaker and he has begun filming with Oscar-winner Michel Hazanavicius The Lost Prince. He is a four-time César nominee. With Mon Ket / Dany he throws himself into the role of director by giving himself a new challenge: creating a feature film using hidden cameras.

Dany / Mon Ket 

In his debut feature Belgian actor François Damiens returns to his first love - creating a feature film using hidden cameras. Damiens plays Dany who is serving a long-term prison sentence, which he intends to cut short when he learns that his young teenage son, Sullivan (Mattéo Salamone), has decided to seek legal emancipation. His son is his only remaining pride and joy, so Dany escapes, dragging along with him Sullivan and his "godfather" (Christian Brahy) on an escapade as beautiful as it is absurd. On their way, they meet many witnesses who become accomplices or opponents in turn. Dany hopes to correct past mistakes with his son, and over the course of just a few days tries to make up for an upbringing that has been patchy at best.

Cast François Damiens, Matteo Salamone, Tatiana Tojo, Christian Brahy

Director François Damiens | 2018 | France, Belgique | 89 mins French with EN subtitles  Screening supported by Wallonie Bruxelles International and #BeCulturalUK

Nov 20 2018 -

Meet the Director: François Damiens

The Centre de Recherches Francopones Belges is deligthed to confirm François Damiens will be present at the Film House to meet the audience before and after the screening of his long feature Mon Ket / Dany.

Edinburgh Filmhouse
88 Lothian Rd