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Where might Scottish Ethnology take you?

Career opportunities for Scottish Ethnology graduates.

Scottish Ethnology graduates are highly valued in the workplace for the skills they have gained in research, analysis, communication and presentation, as well as a strong understanding of culture and society.

Your enhanced ability to think for yourself, to distil complex issues down to their central points, and to understand the reasons for societal change, will give you the edge in careers across different sectors.

Recent graduates have developed successful careers in areas such as teaching, museums and heritage, arts and cultural management, tourism, broadcasting, the media and policy development.

There are also opportunities to continue studying at postgraduate level, with the honours years in particular developing the research skills you’ll need if you choose this path.


Many aspects I studied in Scottish Ethnology – such as language, music/song, and customs/traditions – are relevant to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, and I have made good use of them in my teaching.

Scott Peter,  Primary School teacherScott graduated with an MA Hons degree in Scottish Ethnology and Scottish Historical Studies in 2005


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