Celtic & Scottish Studies


A series of oral histories.

These volumes provide a highly detailed and personal account of the lived experience across Scotland. The everyday events which, because of their very commonplace, are so often overlooked and are yet so valuable to the student of the past, are brought to the fore in these volumes.

"No one can ever know an individual's life and background better than that individual."

- Professor Alexander Fenton

First Series

  • Two Generations of Edinburgh Folk, D Slee, 1993.
  • ‘Hard Work, ye ken’: Midlothian Women Farmworkers, ed. I MacDougall, 1993.*
  • Hoggie’s Angels: Tattie Howkers Remember, ed. I MacDougall, 1995.*
  • Mungo Mackay and the Green Table: Newtongrange Miners Remember, ed. I MacDougall, 1995.*
  • A Mallaig Boyhood, J A MacKenzie, 1996.
  • Your Father and I, I G MacLean, ed. C MacLean, 1998.
  • Timber! Memories of Life in the Scottish Women’s Timber Corps, 1942-46, eds. A Gray, U & J Robertson, 1998.
  • ‘Look After the Bairns’: A Childhood in East Lothian, P McVeigh, 1999.
  • ‘Oh! Ye Had to be Careful’: Personal Recollections by Roslin Gunpowder Workers, ed. I MacDougall, 2000.**
  • Bondagers: Eight Scots Women Farm Workers, ed. I MacDougall, 2000.**
  • Monkeys, Bears and Gutta Percha: Memories of Manse, Hospital and War, C MacLean, 2001.
  • Scottish Midwives: Twentieth-Century Voices, ed. L Reid, 2000.
  • A Shepherd Remembers, A Purves, 2001.
  • Thomas Nelson and Sons: Memories of an Edinburgh Publishing House, eds. H Holmes and D  Finkelstein, 2001.***
  • Onion Johnnies: Personal Recollections by Nine French Onion Johnnies of their Working Lives in Scotland, ed. I MacDougall, 2002.**
  • Peat Fire Memories: Life in Lewis in the Early Twentieth Century, K Macdonald, 2003.
  • A Scottish Country Doctor: Recalled by his son Thomas Wyld Pairman, ed. E Wright, 2003.
  • Salt Herring on Saturday: The Fishertown of Nairn Last Century, M Bochel, 2004.
  • That’s Fourpence You’re Eating! A Childhood in Perth, F Rimington, 2006.

Published in association with:

* Midlothian District Council

** The Scottish Working People’s History Trust

*** SAPPHIRE: Scottish Archive of Print and Publishing History Records

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Second Series

  • The Making of Am Fasgadh: An Account of the Origins of the Highland Folk Museum by its Founder, I F Grant, 2007.
  • From Kelso to Kalamazoo: The Life and Times of George Taylor 1803-1881, eds. M Jeary and M A Mulhern, 2009.
  • Scotland’s Land Girls: Breeches, Bombers and Backaches, ed. E M Edwards, 2010.
  • Showfolk: An Oral History of a Fairground Dynasty, ed. F Bruce, 2010.
  • An Orkney Boyhood, D C Mackenzie, eds. M A Mulhern and C Milligan, 2011.
  • Galoshins Remembered. ‘A penny was a lot in these days’, ed. E Lyle, 2011.
  • From Land to Rail. Life and Times of Andrew Ramage, 1854-1917, eds. C Milligan and M A Mulhern, 2012.
  • Stranraer and District Lives. Voices in Trust, ed. C Milligan, 2018.

The second series is published in partnership with National Museums Scotland Enterprises - Publishing.

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