Celtic & Scottish Studies


News from the Department of Celtic and Scottish Studies.

If you’re going to take one person’s careers advice…

Final year Scottish Studies student Euan Lownie tells us about his first book, ‘Never, Ever Take Anybody’s Advice on Anything’, featuring words of wisdom from successful Scots.

Meet our Traditional Artist in Residence

We chat to Mike Vass about coming of age in Edinburgh’s traditional music session scene and his current role searching for treasures in the School of Scottish Studies Archives.

What Hamish Henderson means to our students

Final year Scottish Studies student, Euan Lownie, reflects on the legacy of one of the most prolific contributors to the School of Scottish Studies Archives.

A royal visit to the archives

HRH The Princess Royal, Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh, has visited the refurbished School of Scottish Studies Archives. We talk to three students who met the Chancellor during her tour.

LLC at the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2018

We highlight nine great events in Scotland’s annual celebration of live storytelling, oral traditions and cultural diversity.

An inviting and welcoming community

We talk to Celtic Studies PhD student, Dhanya Baird, about her involvement in conferences and why the Celtic and Scottish Studies department is so special to her.

St Andrew’s Day marks official reopening of the School of Scottish Studies Archives

Scottish Ethnology students, past and present, reflect on what the Archives mean to them.

Meet our graduates: Ella Leith

Having studied Scottish Ethnology as both an undergraduate and postgraduate, Ella has developed particular expertise in British Sign Language storytelling in Scottish deaf communities.

PhD graduate wins Celtic and Scottish Studies’ second Zeuss Prize in two years

Photo of the Zeuss Prize winner
Dr Anne Macleod Hill has been awarded Societas Celtologica Europaea’s prize for best new PhD thesis.