Celtic & Scottish Studies

Greig-Duncan Songs

As part of her Residency at Celtic and Scottish Studies (2012-13), Frieda Morrison prepared a selection of singers' performances of songs from the "Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection".

These songs are available on Youtube and via this page.

Steve Byrne

Steve Byrne sang 3 songs for the project "Besuthian", "Johnnie o’ Braidiesley" and "Sweet Willie and Fair Annie".

Kath Campbell

Kath Campbell performed two songs, "Young Emma" and "The Mains o Culsh". These are available below and on Youtube.

Aileen Carr

Aileen Carr performed five songs from the collection: "The Earl of Errol", "Malley Lee", "Mount and Go", This is Nae My Plaid" and "The Road and the Miles to Dundee".

David Francis and Mairi Campbell

David and Mairi performed two songs: "High Germany" and Mullnabeeny".

Scott Gardiner

Scott Gardiner performed two songs: "Guise o' Tough" and "Cairn o' Mount".

Brian Miller

Brian Miller performed two songs: "Rigs o' Rye" and "Johnnie o' Braidisley".

Jo Miller

Jo Miller performed "Fair Isabel", "Jeanie Nettle", and "The Sodger's Joy".

Siobhan Miller

Siobhan Miller sang two songs: "The Queen's Four Maries" and "The Twa Sisters".

Frieda Morrison

Frieda Morrison performed two songs from the Greig-Duncan collection: "The Present Time is Oors" and "Johnny Sangster".

Lucy Pringle

Lucy Pringle recorded two songs: "Young Emma" and "The Laird o' Elfin".

The Spiers Family

The Spiers Family performed four songs: "Braes o' Broo", "The Handsome Cabin Boy", "Greenland" and "O But I'm Weary".

Alison McMorland

Alison McMorland performed three solo songs from the Greig-Duncan collection: "Burns and his Heilan' Mary", "Edom o' Gordon" and "Twa Years Ower Young".

Geordie McIntyre

Geordie MacIntyre sang three songs from the Greig-Duncan collection: "Jamie Raeburn", "Nancy Whisky" and "Once More for Greenland we are Bound", he also performed "Braes o' Balquhidder" as a duet with Alison McMorland.


We gratefully acknowledge the funding received from the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures and from the College of Humanities and Social Science at the University of Edinburgh which made this recording project possible. Special thanks are due to all the singers who participated in the project. Additionally we wish to thank Stuart Robinson for filming and editing work, as well as for the upload of materials and the creation of the website. Thanks are also due to Caroline Milligan and Christine Lennie for helping to facilitate the recording sessions.