Celtic & Scottish Studies

The Study of Celtic Mythology

Celtic and Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh 19-21 October 2013

A Colloquium on Thinking About Celtic Mythology in the 21st Century

The colloquium was designed to give an opportunity for extended discussion and included a forum on “The Way Ahead” under the chairmanship of Professor Rob Dunbar, and there were also a number of papers. Professor Bernhard Maier (University of Tübingen) gave a presentation in two parts on “The Study of Celtic Mythology after Grammatica Celtica; or, ’Tis 160 years since”, and a video recording of this presentation has been made available at this site. The text of the paper by Dr Emily Lyle (University of Edinburgh) on “The Necessity of Grammar” has also been uploaded. Other presentations were: Jonathan M. Wooding, “Myths of Otherworldly Atlantic Islands: A Diachronic Approach”, James Carney, “The Curse of Macha: A Cognitivist Appraisal”, Sharon Paice MacLeod, “Shapeshifting Heroes, Ecstatic Poets and Feathered Madmen: Representations of Shamanism in Celtic Literary and Ethnographic Sources”, Mary MacKenna, “Narrative and Memory: Irish Myth from Reception History to Popular Culture” and John Carey, “Ogmios and the Eternal Word”. The last of these is scheduled to be published in Cosmos 30 (2014).

Part 1

Part 2