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Celtic and Scottish Studies seminar series: Dr Sharon Arbuthnot

About the seminar

By Dr Sharon Arbuthnot ...

In August 2019, a revised and expanded version of the electronic Dictionary of the Irish Language (eDIL) was released free online. This new version incorporates more than 5000 content-changes, made since the dictionary was last updated in 2013. These changes take many forms: additional entries have been created; ghostwords have been excised; previously unrecognised forms, uses, and senses have been added; definitions have been emended, and grammatical information has been supplied. This paper looks briefly at the academic and lexicographical rationale behind these interventions, explaining why there is now an entry on brachaid (‘oozes pus’), why lurapóg (‘leprechaun’is gone, and why caille (‘a veil’) is now only half the size it used to be! 

About the speaker 

Dr Sharon Arbuthnot is an historical linguist and lexicographer. Between 2009 and 2019 she was the main researcher and editor of eDIL. She is currently based at the University of Cambridge, working to fulfil the impact agenda of the eDIL Project, which revolves mainly around the public-interest book A History of Ireland in 100 Words.

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Feb 28 2020 -

Celtic and Scottish Studies seminar series: Dr Sharon Arbuthnot

'eDIL 2019: Who changed what and why?'. A free seminar by guest speaker Dr Sharon Arbuthnot (QUB/eDIL project).

Project Room (Room 1.06)
50 George Square