School of Scottish Studies Archives

Manuscripts and Special Collections

Information about the School of Scottish Studies Archive's manuscripts and Special Collection

Manuscript Collection

Image from a scan of the Maclagan manuscripts
The small Manuscript Archive was built up for research purposes.

Scottish Place-Name Survey

Placename example map
The Scottish Place-Name Survey has several collections of place-names culled from oral and manuscript sources by staff, students and interested, well-informed members of the public.

The John Levy Archive

The John Levy Archive is a primary ethnomusicological resource of international importance, consisting of nearly 700 original field recordings of music from various parts of the world, several thousand photographs, and about 20 cine films.

The Maclagan Manuscripts

Image from a scan of the Maclagan manuscripts
An important collection of folklore, customs and beliefs collected between 1893 and 1902.

Linguistic Survey of Scotland

The Linguistic Survey of Scotland contains material on dialects of Scots and Gaelic collected through questionnaires and audio recordings.