Asian Studies

Student Support

The following provides an outline of how student support will be provided in session 2013-2014:

All Start of Year group meetings will:

  • Outline the course structure, and the assessment requirements
  • Clarify the relationship between different departments
  • Explain the role of the PT, indicate the various other sources of information and advice (e.g. TO, Course Organisers, Year Abroad co-ordinators), and clarify what information and support can legitimately be expected from each (e.g., a PT cannot give detailed information about the content of courses in subjects other than their own, and should not be expected to do so)
  • Emphasise that office hours should be used for seeking guidance on academic issues, including feedback. Queries about administrative issues, eg letters relating to bank or accommodation matters, should be taken to the Student Support Officers
  • Encourage students to liaise with staff (academic and administrative) whenever they have any questions or concerns.

Please check the arrangements for your year group using the links below:

The department also offers and provides support for a number of additional events/activities in which students are encouraged to participate:

  • Innovative Learning Week (semester 2), for which a menu of events is offered